unhung_art Those who know me from the past, know me as a die-hard, relentless, ever-dedicated-to-his-art guy, but somewhere along the way, dollar bill making and its subsequent storage in BANK meant that the transformation of dry beans and hamhocks into Southern-infused culinary masterpieces had to be put on hold. In other words, I let my creative tap go cold because I was running my bath water in a kitchen sink instead of a claw-footed tub.

Long story short, I've been going back and preening the lawn 'round my creative juices garden, pulling out the weeds and planting some trusted annuals. Perennials that I'd once sewed long ago, are still there. Work in my sketchbooks is ever a'flowin' and I've been able to deglaze my pan after several months time dealing with ingredient scorching and diasporic stove top heat.

That said, I have this to offer. It's my art collection. I keep it in the corner of a crawlspace area of my home, as I've yet to get around to hanging it properly.