Busy Weekend

In a word: Baseball. If it were food, I'd eat it. Water, I'd bathe in it or drink of it. In another word: Love. I should introduce you to the guys, minus Caesar, it's the 2007 PSSBL Rocky Missions.2007 PSSBL Rocky Missions We lost handily on Sunday by a score of 25-5. Did I mention that for this game we threw on our football uniforms and threw the pigskin around? The goal lines were first and second base and we were only out there for twenty minutes. . .

No it was real baseball, and we probably made more errors in that game than we made all last season. Friday's game was better though, won that one 10-8. No real fundamental mistakes or mental errors, as in the case of some of our previous games. I have these two mementos from the weekend, a beautiful little turf burn (below) from a dive to catch a soft liner down the first base line (which I caught),Turf Burn

then this milestone of a blister on the bear claw known as my foot.Blister of Blisters