Parental Units

The other night I was watching 'the TV,' as my folks might say. There is this show on CBS called Creature Comforts that reminded me of my Mom and Dad. In it, these claymations lament on life's follies, the cards the big (wo)man/destiny/fate dealt them and just general stuff like 'art.'horses_from_creature_comfortsrabbits_from_creature_comforts Above are some of the characters they showcase, all real people from around these 50 states. They allow the interviews to play out on different subjects, but mask the physical appearance of the participants and replace it with these cute little clay personas. By doing so, the makers of this show imbue these people with a humanity that makes you adore them despite obvious nuances like political leanings, religious affiliations, pc viewpoints, something beasts of the wild don't possess. . . or do they?

Some of these 'characters' could have easily been replaced with my own parents, god bless 'em. What do you think? Any resemblance?