Jamaican me crazy 'mon

Today, I've been brainstorming this's and that's for content to upheave upon this blog. That said, let the upheaving begin: Recently, I was hanging out with a friend, and upon moving a heavy, IKEA brand piece of furniture from one's studio into that of another's workspace, he stated: 'No, not that way, it has to face the door.' Me: 'Why? The light from the window is going to hurt your ability to color correct.'

Then he drops it. It was about Feng Shui. I give my two cents on this malarkey called Feigned Shway and how it figures that me living in the NW and my being from the SE was the perfect catalyst for 'ding, ding: cultural showdown.'

I say, 'Show me some proof,' to which he resurfaces with this gorgeous coffee tabletop book with pretty colors and bold type and boxes and diagrams for that section of people. As he goes into detail about how his Feng Shui consultant laid it all out for him about business and personal growth while pointing to relevant examples in this book, I kind of zone out and say, 'What about me?'

I give my D.O.B. and some other info, and with Inspector Gadget fast hands he pulls up this page and says I must and only must be facing toward either the South or The East and in order to gain the most out of life, my head has to be continually pointing SE. Then my jaw dropped.

Another case for Sweet Home Alabama. I also played a shop owner sometime last week, I mean in a light test.