Uponeth me Weekendethry.

Jennifer Montgomery and I have been hard at work creating the look of my website. Amidst baseball playing on Friday and my Tom Ka Gai making on Saturday, hours of intuition and post-baccalaureate education led us to this prototype page below:michael clinard website prototypeObviously, this was exhausting enough, and we were in dire need of relaxation and recreation. Luckily, the Emerald City affords one various cultural activities. On Sunday, we opted for dog park action in Magnusson Park. Those who've ever pumped a Nihilistic fist to the Grunge stylings of Soundgarden should pay homage to Magnusson, as that is where the outdoor sculpture who the band takes its name from lives.

Here you'll find a link to a gallery of some of our musings from the day that include, but are not limited to: 1) reflecting on beautiful beach, 2) sun through hat shot, 3) a Manet recreation, 4) kiddie kats that came upon our luncheon on the grass and startled the holy cow out of us both, causing Jenna to elbow me in my now shaved head, 5) Coco, the dog, 6-9) Jenna and I, and Coco and Nature and . . . 10) Mack, the dog, 11-13) relaxing, 14-23) cloud formations, 24-28) Cricket players. . .

If you've ever wondered why I neglect my post over the weekdays, it's more oft than not due to my commercial assisting or shooting schedule. That said, next week, I'll be assisting on location in Tacoma for a shoot with Mark Peterman. I'll catch up soon, and look for the newly born website coming ever-so-soon!