The TNB, Mechanical Resonance and Tubby the Dog

This weekend, I'm going to be kicking it several hundreds of feet or so above the waters of the Tacoma Narrows in the Puget Sound. I'll be a part of history because the NEW!? Tacoma Narrows Bridge is opening this Sunday. Mildly ironic. . . let me explain.

See, this is not the first Tacoma Narrows Bridge, nor the second. Its the third, but really the second if you don't count the first, short-lived bridge that succumbed to mechanical resonance.

Remember how some time in your lifetime you saw footage of a car that seemed far away on some bridge wobbling back and forth? You were amazed at gravity's power to keep the car fixed to the pavement. Or, perhaps you saw the ramped, time-lapsed footage as some cut-away in a film supporting a notion of persistence of vision helping to push a feeling of anxiety or unease in you, the spectator?

Well, where all that went down--a strait separating Gig Harbor, Washington and Tacoma, Washington--is the general geographic locale I'll be kicking it in this weekend. I'm psyched! . . . I found this more sterile interpretation of the whole thing here.

Poor Tubby the Dog was the only fatality in the structural disaster of Galloping Gertie. Long story short they rebuilt the bridge, more people came into being, cars became more of a mainstay, traffic over the second (or first) bridge increased, bottlenecking became an issue in this critical passing into/out of Tacoma, so they needed another bridge. Apparently, I'm riding some one-man elevator to the top of the second (first) bridge tomorrow, then perhaps doing the same thing again on the New (third or second?) one Sunday.

I intend to keep myself tethered to any structural support beam I see, as it gets fairly gusty 'round these parts. Perhaps, I'll post some photos in due time. Keep Tubby and me in your thoughts.