A Tale of Two Chins and The Automatic Thumbs-up Reflex

For as long as I can remember, I've overcompensated the instant before my photo is taken. It has led to a number of interesting looks. See below:

That is Nick Collison--Seattle Supersonic--at a function I shot recently. Seeing as how he's a native Iowan--and I received my Master's degree from UI--he and I were chatting about Hawkeye-dom. Upon completing the assignment, I asked someone near to take the photo above.

In the midst of my excitement, my thumb started to rise. While I felt it happening, my attempts to lock it at my side were met by an instinctual, primal urge within my soul that dictated it stay up. I smiled through it.

"Let it ride," I thought "what the heck, so you'll look crazed in this photo. Next time you'll remember to just stand there and smile."

So here is the result of my last, drop-of-a-hat portrait.

Other: "Here let me get one of you!" Me: "Cool." Other: "Okay, 1, 2, 3. . .SNAP!" Me: "I bet I. . ." Other: "Is it okay?" Me: "Yep, I did it again. . . No, it's fine. I just have this automatic reflex where my thumb locks up and my triple cheeseburger chin emerges."

**Note: In both those images, it seems I popped my collar in Kanye West fashion. Apparently, that, too is a response to having my photo taken. . .