The Heavy Petting Magic which is my Right Hand.

My new point and shoot camera, the Canon SD850 IS has arrived. Wanted to use it last night, but didn't want to waste shutter actuations on pics of white walls, ceilings or your typical 'I got a new camera, let me take a pic of me taking a pic with the new camera in my bathroom mirror and use the built-in flash.' I wanted the first thing this camera viewed to be placating imagery equivalent to puppy dogs or ice cream cones. A butterfly landing on tip of the nose of the most adorable baby.

So, this morning, I got up and took some photos in my landlord's garden. Here it is, the first image captured.


Yep, that's it. Wasn't paying attention and let the flash go off. But I wanted to be true to the exercise and show the very first image. Then, here are a couple more of the neighborhood cats. 850iskitty2.jpg


Few know this, but I've always had the ability to drive cats wild when petting them. They--domesticated and feral cats alike--come from far and wide to experience the magic that drips from my fingertips. In a couple of instances, I've laid in bed and listened to an orchestra of cats outside my window meowing it up; beckoning and calling out to me "to come out to plaaayyy. . ."

It usually goes like this: the cat scoots close to me. A couple gentle pets around the face, couple down the back and they are comfortable. I then pet around the area where the tail meets the back. Within minutes they're writhing on the ground, gnawing on their tails and/or paws, licking cement, carpets or whatever surface they happen to be laying upon. Its true, and perhaps somewhat uncomfortable to watch as these cats go into the most utterly ecstatic experience you've ever seen.

I don't know, there may be some niche market out there that I could corner with this. It doesn't exist yet. . . I checked.