Where you been Bubba?

It's been 6 weeks since I last wrote, and much has been going on since early August. For one, the arm is healing nicely and I'm starting PT (physical therapy) tomorrow. Probably another four weeks until the bone is completely filled in, and I'm bench pressing 400 pounds again. With as many 'get well' wishes, I've received an equal number of 'when are you going to blog?' agains. With that, guess it's time to get back at it. There is much to recount: a 10 year reunion, family things, baseball updates, photography related items, funny arm things I've noticed while healing, PDX and the meaning of 'bypass', a 70 pound pig in a box, the line: 'je t'aime French Cinema', among other things.

Stay tuned, and I'll start hitting ye' old blog hard again. For now, I'm posting this photo of a backlit figure from the 70-something'th floor as a metaphorical place holder for the intrigue and wonderment to come.