10 Year Reunion.

In 1997, this young lad graduated from AHS, or Athens High School, in the ATH (Athens, AL). I wish I had the ability to show you my senior portrait. It was completed after having been awake for the duration of somewhere close to 48 hours and it embodied the fervor by which I carpe diem'ed. Those were the days. Anywho, I flew back home in mid-August for my 10 year reunion festivities. Many months in planning, I'd been looking forward to seeing how folks developed. On the plane, I was rocking the broken arm, with help from over-priced pharmaceuticals. Here's my pops at the airport picking me up, sans the cardboard placard reading: "Clinard: Slippery when Wet."

So, that Friday I chilled out with mi familia, in preparation for the Saturday morning family thingamajig.

Saturday arrived and I had my broheme, Benjamin, drop me off in his pseudo-Hummer thing with silver flames on its exoskeleton at 'the spot.' It was a grand entrance: plastic brace-encased gimp arm gently dangling from super stylish white cotton sling--retail value: $408.95. That super-chic 'crsh, crsh' maracas sound you hear with every step is from the two pain RX's resting in one of the two pant pockets of my army green cargos that have since succumbed to an over-tarred rooftop (completely different story).

It was super-nutty how I could walk up on someone whom I hadn't seen in ten years and immediately recall their name and some semblance of the particular class period we were in. I didn't tell, but I had this craving for that rectangular pizza they'd serve in the cafeteria back in the day whenever some new revelation would occur. It was like 110 degrees that day; a far cry from the 60-70 degree temps, I'd just left some 24 hours earlier in Seattle.

Here's my good friend Sabeen's husband, Adnan and their child:

Saturday night was the official Reunion festivity at Canebrake Country Club, which ten years earlier had just been 'the woods,' or the place the kids would go off to explore how warm Budweiser from their parent's fridge could drastically improve the quality of life in 'the South.'

Many more folks occasioned this shindig than the one earlier that day, only this time, they'd strapped on the swankly evening wear duds, fully ready to tackle the night's conversation and chicken finger buffet. The five hours or so hours flew by all too quickly.

Here are the photos from the night's festivities.

All in all, it was nice. Many people had changed, and there are some people who'll never change. They were all there. This week's 'This American Life' touched on it. You can find the link here.

Guess it was kind of like that.