Imagine Pirate Rap Blaring

This morning was fog as far as the eye could see. Ten foot long fog. Fog two-hundred, twenty-eight feet deep if you were a giant wading through it. It was great. Here are a couple of images from the morning:

When taking these images, I thought how dope it'd be if a ghost ship rolled up. Picture dog walkers with agape mouths, two dollar scones falling and crumbling in unison as a couple hundred pirates roll ashore. Pirate rap blaring. At 9 on a Saturday morning and with Halloween 'round the corner, its not that far-fetched. You can check out the photoset on Flickr here.

What a day. For breakfast: fried green tomatoes; for lunch, some freshly prepared dhal and rice. Then, while watching Glengarry Glen Ross, Ed Harris' character, Moss, orders some doughnuts and coffee. A fuse ignites, and I see doughnuts being dipped into steaming cups of coffee--this image playing over and over in my head. Not a second after visualizing this did Jenna say, "Man, I could go for a doughnut and coffee."

Top Pot, being just down the street, provided our delicious fix. Emerging content, we headed over to Third Place Books, where I looked at Luc Sante's "Evidence." We wrapped up the evening by bowling a few frames at Sunset Bowl in Ballard--open 24 hours in case you're ever looking for fun at all hours.