Blogumentary my Dear Watson

Its been a couple weeks since I last wrote, and since then I've: 1) seen seven (7) documentaries: Sister Helen Crazy Love Does Your Soul Have a Cold Songbirds The Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea The Story of the Weeping Camel Moog

2) been in the market for a new cellphone and came across this thing:

the Pantech A1407PT, which uses bone conduction technology. (*should be noted I haven't decided on which one to get, and when I do decide, it probably won't be this thing)

3) been wanting to introduce the world to this guy, the blobfish:

who might as well be an ancient grandfather of mine given the sad look on that mug of his. That and the typical bit of phlegm that can sometimes inadvertently dangle from some Clinardian orifice.

4) been completely digging the new XLR8R DJ mix from Starkey, a guy from Philly I met at the Laptop Battle at Chop Suey a couple years ago. That, along with some of the tracks I've been hearing off of Food for Animals' new release entitled "Belly."

5) learned that this website now boasts the world/galaxy/universe's largest photo/file/scan in existence. You know the image well, but at 16 gigapixels large, don't you want to see the lips of Jesus in stunning, high resolution?

More always, M