This Blog's for you, Bill

So, in mid-September, I was invited to a pig roast being put on by my buddy Bill Rugen. He was celebrating a couple things: a new patio/deck, a new professional direction by working full-time in the commercial photography market here in Seattle and a birthday. It was an all-encompassing celebration. He said he was celebrating cornflower blue (the color) along with the invention of fold-up lawn chairs and non-stick pans, but I didn't pursue that, you know, it was his day. . .

Triumphant Bill

This is Bill, surveying the results of his culinary handiwork. The 70 pound pig seemed to cover the hunger of the 80 or so people in attendance.

Bill and some dude surveying the results of the Pig in a box method

This dude next to Bill was super-stoked. He kept yelling 'Piggg,' leading me to believe that he was Eastern European and in his homeland, that meant "hello." Check out the photoset on Flickr here.