On the Complexities of Time Travel and Negotiating a Teen Wolf Contract

So, I've been watching Heroes on NBC. As a lot of you know, its about time travel, world-wide plagues, mind control, morphology, flying around, et. al. Its kind of fascinating me now, b/c I remember back in the day how intrigued I was with the Back to the Future trilogy. Either I couldn't put my finger on the whole idea due to my adolescent mind, or the writers were hastily trying to navigate Michael J. Fox's prior engagement to play Teen Wolf or something and they cut a few corners. There's some thread in all of this that dictates that if you don't like how something 'ends' then you go back in time and just rewrite the beginning. Sure it creates this little ripple in the time space continuum but its really no big deal as long as you get back in time to make sure nobody recognized the moment you teleported out of some boring conversation about coffee mugs or sneakers. That or you've got super awesome writers that can adjust on-the-fly to every producer's whim or strange detour these far-fetched plots decide to take.