Bring that (wicked chainsaw) beat back!

I'd seen sometime back that Drumcorps was coming to town. As usual, I was late again in catching this concert thinking it was another week off, when in actuality, it was this past Friday: the same day Plan B was in town.

Aaron Spectre, aka Drumcorps, is just one guy, but his music sounds like a couple guys from the foundry teamed up with Otto the Mechanic--an aspiring death metal vocalist--at lunch to rub chainsaws and welding equipment together.

The videos on YouTube don't do 'the music' justice as you're getting a fair amount of distortion when 'this music' is 'played live' at high decibel levels then recorded with your old run-of-the-mill video camera mic. But trust me, if you're stuck in traffic, rather than honking your horn or giving yourself over to road rage, nothing works better to calm your nerves than a little Grist. Seems like he's got a new one coming out, apparently with more guitar, for all you purists out there.

So now that that's off the radar, I can start planning well in advance for edIT's December 15th date with Seattle. . .