Seattle Snow

Yesterday, Jenna, Maggie (Jenna's 15 year old sister) and I hit the Urban Craft Fair down at the Seattle Center. Before walking in the doors and being besieged by flame-drenched knitting needles, figured we'd beef up on some Thai food. We're sitting there talking and an excited couple come in raging about the falling snow.

"Oh, goody!" Jenna says. Maggie looks stoked. I, on the other hand, am like one of those adults from an old Robin Williams film that is no longer in touch with his inner child. I'm remembering last years transportation hell in which I remained stuck in traffic for about 3 hours. In 3 hours, I moved 5 miles. It took Jenna's dad 7 hours to get from downtown Seattle to Bellevue.

I get through my Pad See Iew with ease. Jenna's Tom Yum soup is spicier than lava which is great because we're going to need it to de-ice the street to get Maggie back home. That said, I see Maggie taking an inventory of the contents of her purse: 'one lead pencil, a piece of string. . .' I see her unblemished, organic vegetable-fueled mind at work. Her critical thinking skills are helping her to visualize a lever and pulley system that's going to lift the Prius out of the three feet of snow that could hypothetically fall. The female MacGuyver is sitting across from me.

Anyhow, it really wasn't all that bad. The snow didn't stick, and it was quite pretty as the flakes were as big quarters. The craft fair rocked and I bought this pretty cool piece from a guy named Ryan Berkley. Check out his Etsy shop and myspace. This is the piece I picked up, a guy named Wendell:

Here are a couple pics from the day along with a short video I shot on the way back from the eastside featuring the Seattle skyline and the song stylings of Bill Callahan.

*Note: there used to be an embedded movie file here, but since the the website's move to the Livebooks' servers, this movie file is no longer available. Sorry folks.