Just too much to blog about lately. . .

I've been neglecting my duties/post here over the last week or so. Sorry, but there is just too much happ'ning. So I did this:

Above you see 1): one of the polaroid tests from a recent shoot at Seatac with Chris McPherson out of LA (he was behind this Visa ad featuring a giant catfish). 2) Symphytum Offiicinale, or Comfrey, totally cures broken bones. 3) My old Iowa Alumni Association (who'd been hassling me for the last two years about making contributions) finally sent me an "Iowa Alum" car decal, retail value: several thousand dollars. 4) I saw "No Country for Old Men" by the Coen Bros., only this time I wasn't tripping out on zombie-infected lamb meat eaten at a Greek Restaurant in the UDistrict. 5): My A-data Jogr flash drive finally broke, so NEVER pull it out by the little keychain deal: treat it like an AC plug for the outlet and grip the entire apparatus and never just pull the cord as you know you do when you're done vacuuming the carpet.

I've been super busy with work, but the holiday season is approaching and thats wearing me out. The Christmas season means I've got a birthday approaching (my 29th) along with my parents' 30th wedding anniversary as well. That said, I recently hit the KUOW Holiday Christmas party this past Friday with Jenna, which was the perfect wrap-up for the last four months or so for me.

More always,