With Soonability. . . updates to come

Its been a month exactly since I last wrote. There's much to note: 1) this is the best mixtape, ever! 2) my buddy Josh is writing again and this is an excerpt from a short story he wrote about 'the hands' 3) I'll finally get 'round to posting more.

That said, sometime back I'd promised to post an image of a splattered turkey on a plate right? Well, this is it:

Perhaps the amount of tryptophan coarsing through my blood on Thanksgiving sedated my senses enough to see 'splattered 2d turkey' in this photo, but don't you see it? In the top plate, the rolls for the eyes, the breasts of turkey for the beak, then that second plate below of yams, mashed potatoes, peas, and stuffing with giblet gravy as the exploded innards? The thing is you have to be looking for it and its one of those 'vase or face' type things or seeing the virgin mary in the sky or on a piece of toast.

Seriously, people-have-seen-stranger-things-in-food pie.