Spittin' Fierceness

There's speculation that Tom Petty was lip-syncing during the Super Bowl. That, I can forgive, seeing as how Tom Petty went to bat for scores of artists in the 80's against Big Music's contractual agreements dictating that they (big record companies) own the music. And, in effect, it was kosher to slide the musical performers some scratch here and there while Big Music took in the lion's share of album sales. Things have changed for the most part, and there are a number of different models out there now. You might say, 'so, Mike, you like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers?' And I'd be like, 'heck, yeah. I love 'em.' I like them so much I dedicated an entire morning a couple weeks back to Peter Bogdanovich's 4hr. documentary on the group.

The idea of a four hour documentary might incite some sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. At its mention, you might begin to recall some childhood trip when the family drove from Point A (home) to Point B (aunt's house). You weren't a big boy or girl and didn't have front seat privileges or the opportunity to soak in all of the air-conditioning during the middle of summer with a humidity level hovering around 98%: an 'are-we-there-yet' kind of feeling cycling through your head.

As long as my pops was bumping the Heartbreakers, that's a trip I could've endured (and in fact have from Nolensville, TN to Athens, GA).

While watching the film, I had a very personal reaction because out of the blue, I began singing aloud nearly every song they featured in the documentary. I knew them all by heart, but never really thought about it until then. My dad had in fact played a many great number of the records all of the time throughout my childhood: in the car, in the house, in the boat if fishing. . .

In reference to my title, thought I'd post these pics of me as I spit some rhymes during my parent's anniversary party. I'm kidding, I wasn't freestylin', just doing a rendition of Johnny Cash's 'Boy Named Sue' on some kind of karaoke thing you hook up to a television. Someone snapped a couple shots during the performance which subsequently brought the house down.