2006 was more (whatever Harper's said) than 2007.

I'm a big fan of Harper's. The articles are stimulating, and when you read sections like Index, Excerpts and/or Findings, it immediately raises your IQ in ten point incrementals. Read it two or three months in a row, and it'll cause heavy brain drip from the nose what with all the knowledge you're attempting to make room for. You can say something like: anthropologists determined there was an early ancestor of primordial man that laughed. AND you'd be right.

So in my best Harper's Magazine-type, deadpan delivery style of Index and Findings, here goes. Bare in mind that the images don't truly exist in a Harper's but think of the allusions and what one might see if the story could be in pictures:

I typed something out that had another day in the sun in a different context, in a different arena of readership, altogether. In the dark of Magnuson Park, folk in Seattle took photos. Moving pods were packed by Michael Clinard, Jacob Gerber and Gina Cholick--who is currently on her way to LA to tear it up down there (photos of moving pods are everywhere, I like this photo more). When Day/Nyquil bottles are left about the kitchen, smooshed paper towels work wonders to combat pet hair and dander from entering into the inherent technique of delivery. Gretag Macbeth color cards and ASUS eee PC's are delicious. Jenna and Michael are swing dancing.