If these springs could talk. . .

In the hustle and bustle, the march from here to fro and back again, we often forget to take care of numero uno. That said, I recently got over to the Olympic Peninsula for some much needed hot spring therapy and to rest my weary bones in their mineral rich waters. Accompanied by my dear friend and hot spring connoisseur, Joe Hall, we hit the Sol Duc Resort and later hiked to the Elwa hot springs. I've put some photos below from our sojourn.

This was our vehicle, the Ford Escape. One uses it in order to escape.

This is Joe. He's taken trips specifically to Iceland and Germany for their offering of hot springs. He's an expert and from Iowa.

This is us, pre-spring.

The first night, we drove all the way into the park at Elwa there and decided it wasn't wise to start our hike at 9pm. On the way back, we pulled over at a ridge/lookout and made some artwork. This was our tripod.

Rock at Night, 2008.

Majestic Peak, 2008.

This was home for the night, the Flagstone Hotel, only after driving around for an hour, making a very informed decision based on rate and whether we were going to disclose there were two people inhabiting the room. Dinner by Safeway.

We'd stopped on the way to Sol Duc the next morning at a lake. This lake had water as aquamarine as a child's drawing. It was gorgeous. What struck us both as we took in this lake was on the opposite bank, you could hear the buzz of chainsaws. Then, if you watched the tree line closely, you could see the trees toppling over, one by one. This was a tree on the bank that's seen many a relationship come and go.

Like an old, wise parent.

Stopped to take a shot of the beautiful Elwa River.

Us on the trail.

Joe spots gold. We've got the chunk out to our medallion maker and we'll soon be sporting six pounds of bling 'round our necks.

Saw these little guys dotted throughout. Being there gives you the sense of how ancient these place are the timelessness of the wilderness. Joe said 'if world war III broke out, this is where I'd want to be.'

I'd just gotten in as Joe approached. The springs at Elwa are really no deeper than two feet if that. One might think its icky at first, but after a few minutes of taking in the smell of sulphur and the natural Lithium seeping into the bloodstream, you'll soon put it out of your mind.

In the spring.

Joe in Spring. Philosophizing, talking the future, the present, the past.

After soaking the springs up, we got out and wandered. Joe documented the various springs in the event he starts his website of hot springs tours.

Down near one of the lowest springs, came across this man made sauna place though I wasn't brave enough to enter it. Figured it might open up to another world with gnomes and stuff and they'd crown me king.

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