Hot Day in the F Sharp of My Heart

Writing the last blog post while perusing those images of Joe and I on our sabbatical to the Olympic Peninsula got the creative juices flowing. Not a jug of fresh squeezed OJ flowing, but more like a spritz of lime on the Phad Thai of my life.

That said, as I was painting a flat for a studio shoot next week, I was reminded of the large paintings I used to make back in Memphis, Tennesse when in art school. I wish I had a photo handy, but the biggest I made was something done on milk carton paper (a professor got it for free). It was called "Ant War 1975," Not to be confused with DFA 1979.

So, yeah, it was hot today. Here's the work at its state of completion below. Its since been turned into a nice faux kitchen wall. Goodbye opus.