Per previously mentioned website redesign utterance

So I mentioned in the last post that Michael Clinard Photography, the website, will soon undergo an updating and move to liveBooks. Within in the next couple weeks, it might be the case that both the website and this here blog will be inaccessible for a short period of time during the move. That said, they'll be back in a jiff as they re-propogate and climb their way back up in the Google and Yahoo searches. Below are some mock-ups of the coming revisions. Mike

The Rough new home page

The rough new home page look.

The rough new Portfolio look

The rough new portfolio look, version 1. Note: the images on the right are not mine but borrowed to give a sense of the thumbnails along the right side of the site.

Rough New Portfolio look, version 2

The rough new portfolio look, version 2. That image above is from a new series I'm doing out in Magnuson Park