Burning Fire Tiger Eye-of-the-Hungering Ablaze Lion Loin post

This same old song and dance where I give you an excuse why I haven't blogged in a month is really no excuse to keep you all from the playground. This is recess from the world at large. Red rover, red rover, send my loyal readership back over! To many of you, its understood that the time away has been spent refining the website. It is new, different, updated and all that: a bag of tricks, cracker jack, bag of money, grab bag, duffle bag. Go get a bag, put puns in bag, shake bag, reach in and pull out new pun flake. There! That's free, you can have that.

I've decided to show the images that excite me the most. I'm going to continue to give you the goods here first, and preview some of the things that get the proverbial juices flowing.

Like this:

I shot this recently for an art gallery here in Seattle. It was one of the most beautiful pieces of metal work I've seen. Being silver, it was also a beast to shoot due to its super-reflectivity, but nonetheless, I was happy to be given the challenge to tackle lighting the object in such a way so as to bring to light some of the more subtle characteristics of the piece, namely the 'stippling' in/around the moon.

Basically, stippling is drawing/sculpting by way of dots. In this case, it was explained to me that the area around the moon (clouds) was created by taking finely ground gem stones and blowing them into the silver surface. Quite beautiful indeed.

In other news, I'm hard at work realizing some personal projects that I've been conceptualizing over the course of a couple years, and more recently, some I've had in the last few months. I'm going to get those up and in front of you pretty quick. Much like this image, which is on the website, from the project entitled "Alphabet."