Productive Weekend Cooking Food Then Eating It All

1) Installed a new light in the condo while single-handedly managing to ruin the other one over the fireplace.2) Made Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Baked Acorn Squash for a double dose of starchdom on Saturday. 2a) Watched Tennessee be cast asunder by the Gators. 3) Went to the studio and a) wrapped all my stands in yellow electric tape, b) assessed the situation with one of my EL Ranger batteries and MacGyver'ed a solution, c) pre-ordered the Canon 5d Mark II, d) wrapped every single electrical cord that I could in super-long velcro cord wraps. 4) Met my new portrait subject for the Refugee project down at the Fiddler's Inn and had a great conversation over lunch. 5) Made and ate a bad-ass bacon cheeseburger last night with an encore for Jenna this evening:

In case you're curious here's the recipe:

1 deafeningly expensive frozen hamburger patty 1 frozen hamburger bun you got from your girlfriend's mom last time you had dinner over there Couple chunks of Cheddar Cheese 2 slices of Maple Bacon, but the good kind which is really thick

Take patty and pitch it in iron skillet, throw under hellishly hot broiler for a few minutes. When removing for the flip, throw a couple slices of bacon in the skillet on either side of the patty. Insert back under broiler for a few more minutes. Pull back out, flip patty back over and place cheese atop. At this moment, also flip your bacon. Put back under for a like another minute if that and grab a fencing helmet b/c there's going to be hot bacon fat electrons and beef tallow protons fighting like a couple alley cats. Your frozen bun has probably thawed enough to consume, but if not pitch in the oven for a minute or hit "Two (2) Zero (0) START" on the microwave and you're there. Garnish with Hot Garlic Sauce and Heinz Ketchup mixed in a 2 parts ketchup to 1 part garlic sauce ratio. Eat it.

In case you're worried about my caloric intake or fat consumption, feel free to take a gander at this gent who's taken the bacon burger experience to the next level and then opened the door to the alternate, parallel bacon burger universe.