Big Al's Full-Stop Aperture Priority Shop

This is Big Al: esteemed Seattle photographer by day, over-40's league soccer player by night. Alex Hayden

Don't let his boyish good looks fool you, his lighting techniques are up there with God's work on the fourth day. And that modern-day Farrah he's rocking is not to be messed with. I was too close to him once, perhaps less than six inches from his left shoulder, as he executed his trademarked 'flip', and his locks nearly took my head off.

Big Al reflecting on his life and times

In reference to his wispy locks, Hayden notes, "I had to cut them back. I'm rocking a tamer 'business in the front, party in the back' aesthetic." When pressed further, he suggests he's more approachable now.

"I guess I didn't want to just be known as 'the-photographer-with-a-great-head-of-hair.' I mean, its always been about the images and the play of light and shadow. . . this just helps us all focus on that now,' he muses while tapping out the beat to a popular Clash song with his bubble level, a necessity on many of Hayden's productions.

A Master at Rest.

Keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming interview in Professional Photographer Magazine where he reveals a great number of his lighting secrets along with business tips and insider knowledge culled from his over 20 year commercial photography career.