The Location Stylings of Monsieur Julian Dufort

Had the great pleasure of assisting Canadian-born/Annie Liebowitz-bred NY-based Photographer Julian Dufort this weekend over in Index, Washington. Its right between Bibliography and Colophon. . . a pretty good ways up the road from Foreword.

Never really knew it existed outside a book until today. That or the fact Julian still had a small cache of Polaroid in his arsenal.

**Quick note** If and when you find yourself out there, be prepared for a) local seers on bicycles peddling half-truths about bull elk making the most majestic of photos; b) staff wielding wizards in wide-open fields with shepherd dogs in tow and this old ping pong ball he holds up every ten seconds or so as if its some kind of smoke grenade or magic orb; and c) machete-wielding, Busch-light drinking martial law keepers making their way on muddy side roads. . . no joke.

More always, Mike