Xavier from Florida

This is Xavier from Florida.

Had the great pleasure of photographing him for the personal project I've been working on about folks from the South living in Seattle. Caught him just as he was about to move out of town for the sunnier (yet arid) locales of in and around the Phoenix, AZ area.

As the post notes, he grew up in Florida, and on top of being a French linguist/translator, he's a damn good martial artist. Threw this gem out as we were wrapping the shot.

Its some kind of flying-crane-fist or something. Regardless, it looks painful if one happens to be on the wrong side of it. Thanks again, X, but I should also thank Jenna for helping me out.

She was indispensable as prop stylist, 'going in' whenever le' croissant gave us gravitational and wind issues. I'll have more projects up soon, so stay tuned.

More always,