Zombie Portraits from Revenant Film Festival 2008 @ MOHAI, Seattle

For the longest time, I've had this idea that has yet to be realized involving monsters and the undead (zombies and vampires). In early September, I got a hankering to explore at least the zombie side of it a little deeper and decided to look into the yearly Zombie Walk that takes place in Seattle. Last year, I happened to be driving through during its stop in Fremont, and its completely unreal to witness. All these folks, shuffling along. Hard to explain, but simply put its unsettling. Decided to track down the organizer of this madness and found none other than Cleo Zombie:

Cleo Zombie Dragging Cherie, Victim into Frame

She is the raddest of undead chicks I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I'd explained that I was looking to photograph some zombie-attired folks, and rather than trying to stage portraits outside during the Zombie Walk in West Seattle on October 26th, she put me in touch with Mr. Geoff Bough of Revenant Magazine and Revenant Film Fest. He and his business partners gave me the go ahead to establish a small photo area and during the night's festivities, we did some portraits.

Cleo had this great idea to 'bite' some folks, they'd become infected (whereby she'd apply a bit of the ole' zombie makeup treatment) and then infect another and so on, and so on.

I was game to see where it went, and we got as far this gent. This image is about two seconds before Rob (pictured above) witnessed first-hand the raw power of a zombie's blood lust for fresh human brains.

This guy was great, as was everyone who allowed me to document their attire/makeup as well as their downright love for everything undead and zombie.

Little known fact, but captured here for the first time in recorded history: after 5 or 6 hours of zombie-film, even zombies need a pick me up that bloody brains just can't satisfy.