Four New Years!

Brothers and Sisters. Sons and Daughters. Moms and Dads. Grandmas and Grandpas. Cats and Dogs. Earthworms and Beetles. Small birds and Eagles. Sharks and Little Fish. Sun and Moon. Wind and Water. Up and Down. This and That. All and None. . . A new day has dawned. Barack Obama has won the 2008 Presidential Election! Four New Years!


To commemorate this historic event, I created this "Barack Obama wins the Presidential Election 2008 Pizza."


Here are the ingredients: *1 frozen Safeway Thin Crust Supreme Pizza *10 minutes of plucking fresh thyme off the stems as I watched  folks crying in joy over Barack's win *6 little slices of Yellow Pepper we got from Jenna's Mom the other night *3 Green Tomatoes from the Magnuson Pea Patch this lady gave us but sat long enough to turn red *More Cheese (of course) *Twenty twists worth of fresh ground pepper *3 Pinches of Cayenne Pepper *Some lump crab meat that I felt would be better served on a pizza rather than suffocating in a canister *Dashes of Hope, Democracy and Change

To all my Southern folks lamenting over McCain's coming up short. Don't fret, your native son will be home for the Holidays to serve you a slice of this delicious new creation.