The Heraldry of Triple Step Studios

Either in studio or on location, you might have seen me stepping back and forth in place to some non-existent beat. Should one come within earshot, you might hear me repeating 'step, step, rock step, step, step, rock step. . .' and so on. Sure this scene has caused a few to ask if I might have once been dependent on a walker: some daily exercise performed to keep me up on the all the cutting-edge advances in walking. Perhaps my mother pitched me out into the middle of a busy food court at 1 year old, and its some kind of traumatic flashback as my scampering baby-self desperately fled the clomping feet around me.

No my friends.

I practice the dark and sinful art of Swing Dancing. Some dig human sacrifice, others cast spells and curses. I prefer shaking my tail feathers to a snazzy old tune. In fact, it'll be a year ago in January that I picked it up.

Here are my teachers: Sara, Maureen and Matt.


This is the super-awesome crew of Triple Step Studios, and I had the great pleasure of photographing them this morning in anticipation for a refresh of their website. After dancing them to death, they were plumb knackered, so I sat them down for a cool down portrait session.


Matt looking fly.


Sara looking rad.


Maureen looking snacky.