Coming Uppances from Clinard

jackson_of_olympia_web What was that you say? Coming Uppances? Are those even words?

Here on the Blog of Michael Clinard they are, and its my way of saying that I've got some big things on the horizon. Besides heading home for the holy days, seeing the family and tackling some portrait subjects down there in the Southland, I'm doing a conceptual Paul-Prudhomme-meet-E-40-in-the-kitchen photoshoot sometime in December (shout to my boy Fridge: big ups kid). Stay tuned for that.

The shot above is one from today and of my man 'Jackson of Olympia.' I say it like this as I was out at the Emerald City Gamefest photographing the enthusiastic attendees. Tonight as I review the film, I'm super excited by what I'm seeing. Many thanks to all who participated. I'll soon have a bigger blog post about that in the coming days.

More always,