2008 Emerald City Gamefest Portraits

ecgf_630_web What's that you say?  You were at the Emerald City Gamefest this weekend for tons of rad board games and RPG's? No need to look surprised young lads, as I had the great pleasure of doing some portrait work of those in attendance.


Initially, I'd been trying to hunt down a backdrop with a fantasy element to support the theme of the event, but all I came across were unicorn fabrics and a faux-cloudy sky thing that just didn't cut it.


That's when I started thinking about a double seamless setup. Something fun and upbeat to reflect the sensibilities/personalities of the attendees, but with a royal/regal bent and got the gist of a pink and purple schematic. Also thought it interesting that its the color of Easter, and given the multitude of resurrections happening with each successive role of the dice, I thought the idea fitting.


"Ffej" as Cassie (telepath). 2008


Marcus aka MIB2404 of Munchkin, 2008.


Otto of Warhammer 40,000: Member of the White Scars Space Marines, 2008.


John as Cheldon de Moche (Hobbit Thief), 2008.


Mr. John Bradley, 2008.


Tim with the Amazing Eyebrows, 2008.


This here's Laura. She kind of made it happen for me. She and Jenna do Aikido together, and after a recent get together celebrating those who moved up in kyu (pronounced 'cue'), we started chatting about hobbies and work.

That's when she mentioned, Quelf, a role-playing game that she was super fond of. She went on to say that there was an event where many would be playing it, along with a whole host of others. A couple days later, she put me in touch with the organizer, Mr. Ed Metheny.


He and his wife flew all the way up for the event from California as they'd recently moved down for work. That's dedication. So thanks for making it happen Ed!


Of course I should say that Ed isn't the kind of guy that strikes me as taking all the responsibility. He'd probably first thank all of the game-loving folks in and around Seattle who came out to participate. Following that up by thanking a small group of dedicated staff members who take time out of their busy schedules to locate venues, organize the day's events and make sure there's plenty of caffeinated sodas on hand to keep the gamers going.


Thanks to everyone I had the pleasure of meeting. I had a great time. Hope to see you all next year!