The Neverending Quest for the Sickest Nerf Jam, v. 2009

basketball_1_web My buddies and I recently got together to celebrate mankind's neverending search for the nastiest dunk on a nerf setup in history.


This is Joshua Collins' contribution. It's apparently pending review down at the patent and copyright office. If I remember correctly, it's called the Reverse Jackhammer Undertow Revelation: Major.


Collins' execution of the previous dunk was so stunningly well orchestrated, that it caused the basketball to implode, and we were forced to play with a shrunken soccer ball for the remainder of our nerf study. A little Permacel grip tape, and we were back in business.


Here Collins plays a little 'D' on Lakin "the Smiling Shark" Garth.


Also in attendance was the renowned historian, Luke "Cottonmouth" McGuire, Ph.D--an expert in the history of Sickeningly-ill Gravity-defying Nerfdunkdom. We were very honored to have him observe our contribution to this very momentous and important moment in human history.