ART is Magnuson

Got back in the studio late last night after a day of running around, doing deals and pressing the 'execute'  button. studio_getdown_web

That said, I had the great pleasure of sitting with Seattle-based artist Perri Lynch of Velocity Made Good.


If you must ask, Perri is ART in Magnuson, meaning that if you and your pup visited the park for the off-leash canine mecca and wandered up through the sports meadow and/or breezed in to attend the Friends of the Library Book Sale at Hangar 30, chances are you've run past her art (look for 'at ease, 2008').


Perri, myself and others are part of an organization called SPACE whose primary objective is to keep Magnuson Park as a center for arts and culture. Unbeknown to most, when the military gifted Magnuson Park to the City of Seattle, it was on the condition that the park be a center for arts and culture. And based on the link, you can see how long it's been a talking point.


Which brings us to now. Slowly and systematically, developers in association with the city, are slowly taking steps to displace a cache of working artists from Building 11 in order to turn it into a new, lake-front commercial space for folks like Ivar's and McDonald's.

If you've been to the park, could you imagine a place without Fin Art or Soundgarden?

That said, on April 25th, the Mountaineers are hosting an event to celebrate the park, its tenants and visitors and all it has to offer. Please try and come out, and stay tuned for details.