Screenprinting Party and My New Brand Identity: The Office of Michael Clinard

Had a little screen printing party at the studio over the weekend. sp_jenna_web

Jenna, aka 'The Boss' (pictured above), made it happen. She engineered a low-cost, very effective way of making prints from a short list of supplies found at any Value Village, Goodwill or retail store. The list goes a little something like this:

1) Obtain a few frames from said store. These can be picture frames or those wooden frames that pre-stretched canvas comes on. You know, the canvases that you used to paint your high school masterpieces on. . . exactly, the ones that now reside at above-noted Goodwill store.


2) Find some very sheer curtain tulle that someone has discarded. Probably on the back wall, wedged between the quilts with the stains on them and the Saved by the Bell sweatshirts.


3) Rolls of Contact Paper. It's probably the case the ones you find at Value Village are still tacky enough to affix to your tulle, but if concerned, feel free to go out and pick up a new roll.


Basically, you staple your tulle very taut to your frame as if making a drum. Affix your contact paper with design cut out and you're good to go. I found a couple nice tutorials on the process here and here that pretty much break things down.


Above is my contribution. It's the new brand identity I've been bringing into existence with the aid of a fantastic designer in NYC named Tim Lahan. I'm super excited to start the process of spreading the word and getting it out on market.


That said, keep your eyes peeled for exciting new updates from the Office of Michael Clinard: General Photography.