It's about to get more interesting'er up in here

When I hear so Mike, are you ever going to blog again, in my buddy Bill's upper Michigan accent, then I know I've been neglecting my duties at the International Outpost for Consistent and Sustainable Blog Entry. Or there could have been the subtle cue, when on my Facebook page, I recently got this message from a 'friend'* regarding my lack of posts. It went something like this: 'Hey Man, what with not posting to your blog in over a month and a half. . . I beseech you. . . Kindly, 'Friend.''

On the serious tip, I've been quite busy, and that's a very good thing. But it sure doesn't mean that the Office of Michael Clinard, General Photography Train hasn't left the station. In fact, it's well on it's way to making it's final stop. If it were a ship: coming to port. A loaf of bread: baked. Humans: evolved. . .


So what's new: I've been flexing the creative membrane. In fact just this week, I jumped into the studio with Amanda Johnson to hammer out some ideas: One concept is still being finessed, but I finally did get around to shooting that glass of water that's been sitting around for a couple of months.


Outside of this, there's the website which is ever-so close to completion that I can hardly wait. Of course, I still need to get a host of images sized/res'ed to spec and up on the servers. In fact, was up until 5am pulling images in anticipation, but I thought I'd give you a taste of the home page, oh loyal readership.


Here's a look at an individual image as seen through one of the galleries, in this case: Portraiture.


There are other exciting features that will soon be live. When the site launches, I'll be sure to make a note of it here on ye olde blog. Then, when you catch a moment, you'll have to visit, give it a looksy and tell me what you think.

In other news, I've created my first new video piece in over four years. What with all the updates today--and as a thank you to my readership--I cut this together in celebration of the Brand Identity and to mark what feels like coming out of a near four year hibernation.

Interesting'er from Michael Clinard on Vimeo.

I could tell you what's going on here, but it'd ruin the ambiguity.

Feeling very cicada-like, Mike

*that 'friend,' I'm speaking of is one, Lucien Knuteson. You'll have to go and check out his new blog when you've had all you can handle here.