Collateral: First Press Check

This post serves as what I expect to be a multi-installment blog segment regarding the upcoming collateral materials that I'm having done at a local letterpress studio here in Seattle. press_check1_web

That said, I was rang up by my guys to swing by the studio this past Wednesday to see the trademark plate on the press and to get an idea on how our color treatment was interpreting.


Decided to go with Pantone 426U which is about a 90% black to help support the direction I'm going toward on the website and other supporting collateral materials. When our color choice interpreted a little differently on our 'thick-as-a-brick' Cranes Lettra 220lb. stock, I wasn't surprised.


In addition to the color issues, we'd developed some ghosting around the trademark, so we decided to turn the plate in an attempt to reduce this effect.


After getting that bad boy turned 90 degrees and getting it back on the presses, we inked up the rollers, and BAM! We achieved our desired result: nicely punched, boldly printed head trademarks that will serve as the foundation for the beautifully designed business card that I can't wait to showcase.


You'll have to stay tuned for further updates as we continue hammering things out. Some point soon, I suspect I'll have a sneak peek of the completed business card and those other pieces of collateral. Outside of this, continue tuning in for exciting new updates regarding the website and current projects I'm tackling.

More always,