I shot this Sunday.

cake_face_brian_hbsw_web . . . among other things with a local rock trio by the name of Happy Birthday Secret Weapon.

Saw the gents play at the Sunset Tavern in Ballard a few months back in support of Levi Fuller's 'Ball of Wax' project and was blown away by their performance.


We got to talking about influences, and two came up: 1) Hella and 2) The F*cking Champs.

The image above had us laughing on account of it's remarkably sublime homage to the snarky, self-mythologizing album covers the Champs were known for.


With titles such as 'Nebula Ball Rests in a Fantasy Claw' and 'Thor is Like Immortal' or 'I am the Album Cover,' the Champs had a pretty good sense of humor much like the gentlemen of Happy Birthday Secret Weapon.

In addition to our image above, the guys helped me with a triptych concept that I'm still working hard to complete, so that I may get it up on the blog and soon-to-launch website.

In the meantime, you should go out and give their music a listen.

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