Hovercrafts and Vector Rays Batman, it's 2010!

That's right folks, welcome to the future. Does it look at all like what you'd envisioned? I can't say it looks all that futuristic to me, but I am indeed rocking the Jetsetters/George Jetson T-shirt from Dope Couture I got a couple months back. Why? Because I'm hoping to be wearing hater blockers more and more on account of how bright I hope 2010 will prove to be.


Seen above is me accompanied by my camera case riding shotty in first class. Why you ask? Because that's what 2010 is about. Respecting and pampering my photographic vision and style.

There have been quite a number of developments over the last couple months, so I'll just jump right in and start going down the line.

1) I was not even in Seattle at all during mid-to-late November in through early-to-mid December. During that time I was in: Miami->Chicago->DC, then back to Seattle for Thanksgiving. Then the next week it was Boston->New York->Los Angeles, then back to Seattle at the first of December.

First week of December had me in New Brunswick, NJ and right outside of Houston, TX where I picked up this fat T-shirt from Buc-EE's. The girl who we made our purchase from said 'Buc-EE's is like the best gas station I've ever been to. . .' and I whole-heartedly agree random gas clerk:


That's me above in Buc-ee's regalia in my last week of work in December in Hartford, CT. When I got back to Seattle, it was right on the next plane out for some much needed Holiday family time with my parents, brother and grandmother in Alabama.

2) While in New York, I got word that the Brand Identity and System conjured up with Tim Lahan was written up on the esteemed Heather Morton Art Buyer Blog, and subsequently picked up by Rob Haggert (A Photo Editor) and Chase Jarvis.




Above are a few images of the system in action and how it will look when in the hands of potential clients.

3) I'm working with the amazing consultant, Amanda Sosa-Stone on my marketing plan for 2010 and a tighter edit of my portfolio. Our first phone meeting last week was amazing and already I've gotten some amazing insight on where I stand and where I need to go. Stay tuned for further updates.

4) Yes, I have indeed been shooting. In fact, here are a few images from the last several weeks for your bemusement:


Portrait of a Portrait of Scott Urban, Chicago. 2009.


In the Workshop of Scott Urban, Chicago. 2009.


Texas Lunch. 2009.


My Dad (in Personal Garage/Playpen/Sandbox/Laboratory). 2009.


Laura #1. 2009.


Laura #2. 2009.


Outtake (Stephen). 2009.


Karaoke Outtake (Josh Collins). 2009.

That's about it for now mein Freunds. Keep checking back for updates and late breaking news from the Office of Michael Clinard, General Photography. Here's to a hard rocking, fruitful and happening 2010!

More always, Mike