I figure I should post as I'm bound to catch flack from Tom Ridge-ian friends that monitor this blog with the same fervor as those that monitor our National Threat Level. Guess I'm oft-accused of slacking on things from time to time; evidenced by the few drawers I keep that are squarely designated as 'to be dealt with much later: 'much later' meaning 1-1.5 years off perchance' drawers. 1year_drawer_semifinal_web

Yeah, that's one year of important papers you see above. My buddy and collaborator Ian Goode of Goode Studios was kind enough to make it look fly'er than first envisioned. We're working on putting the finishing touches on it, but at my rate, you won't see it for another year anyways. That said, I want to put it out there so as to inform the kind readership of my recent endeavors.

Outside of that, I've been dealing with some personal family health stuff that has me a bit out of sorts at present. Grandma and Father unit stuff. Luckily, all's well at this moment of putting finger to key, but I suspect it'll all soon flux in the next few days.

Finally got around to shooting an idea that's been knocking around for quite sometime. Below is one image from the project. Wonder if you can guess what's going on here?


More always, Mike