Two views of my desktop and two of my upcoming specs

I've been working on an upcoming post to this blog that's quickly becoming a dissertation on cost, value, and worth. Quite frankly I need a break; something a little more lighthearted. Thought I'd show you how hectic it's been over the last couple weeks by taking a look at my desktop.

Picture 1

I'm really not the kind of cat that goes off and let's his desktop go to pot. Better still, I'm not one that goes off and does the kind of thing I'm about to disclose, but what the heck . . . I just made me a desktop folder and threw everything in it. Yes, that's right '88 Econoline-style.

Picture 2

After doing so, my mind is ten times sharper, and I'm getting things done in lightning speed. I feel like Clark Kent/Superman as if Lois Lane were coming over for dinner and I've got five minutes to prepare. Which to me, Superman, is more than enough time to do the dishes, change the sheets, cook poultry with my laser beam eye capability and make fresh churned ice cream with the aid of blizzard-cold breath.

Nowhere near as harrowing, but I did pull some imagery together for the annual ASMP Seattle slideshow highlighting the work from our membership here in the Pacific NW. Below is my submission in beautiful, rolling .gif animation.


In other news, be on the lookout for a relaunch of my website showcasing an updated portfolio. After working very closely with Amanda Sosa-Stone last month, I'll soon be adding new work along with some gems that were hidden in the rough. Super excited by the collaboration, and I'm eager to see how things continue to pan out during the year.

On a personal note, I'll soon be in possession of a slick, new pair of hand-carved wooden spectacles from my close friend and colleague Mr. Scott Urban of Urban Spectacles of Wood. Heading out there in several months to shoot his lookbook, but in the meantime, he sent me a couple mockups.


Think they're about 5-10% too small, but I'm just happy to have a new pair after being without since June when some crafty kids on an Ecuadorian bus lifted my other frames.


More always,