Masonic blood drinking rituals and the like

masonic_hat_web Yeah that's me in a Masonic Grandmaster's Hat. Don't look too hard as my brain explodes after this. . .

Sorry I've been incognito as of late, but I'm back in full force. February has been a mad cover-up of jobs after taking January off to grieve for lost loved ones:


The pretty smiling ladies above are from the era of one Nellie Mae Pittman who passed in late January. She was my grandmother and the coolest girl on two feet! She used to let me watch HBO when I was four and taught me everything I know in the kitchen. . . Much love to you Nanny!

A two-week car shoot and an upcoming Adidas job has had me buried as of late, but I'm hoping to post current projects very soon. . . Amanda, don't kill me. . .

More soon,