A visit to Leyla's House

A couple weeks ago, Jenna and I went over to hang with our friend Leyla and to meet her new pup, Benita aka "Benny." _MG_2869_web

This is her home back in yonder days.


So much cool stuff to shoot, it's a photographer's paradise.


Desi, her boyfriend, has great taste in music.


Makes me wish I still had my own Technics turntable hooked up.


My outfit still works but the amp blew sometime back. Great to see Desi's keeping it real though.


Nothing sounds as good as vinyl in a well-lit room.


Scorpion and Cobra Tequila one procured in Vietnam probably doesn't hurt either.


A painting of Leyla by Desi after sipping Cobra Tequila.


All the tequila, music and pups in the room have led to the plants taking their lives into their own hands . . .


. . . reaching for that beautiful window light. While here, I laid on my back and pretended to be one of Leyla's pampered pooches.


In fact, here's Benita aka "Benny." The new addition to the family.


And this is Leyla reaching down to pet Koda: the friendliest, kindest dog I've ever known.


Here's my friend looking over at Leyla for something, a treat maybe . . .


. . . oh, nope. It's just to remind her of all the hair on her butt.

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