New Portraits and New Portfolios

Been cranking on new things as of late: portraits and portfolios. I'll get to the latter, but just tackled another set of portraits for the Bemis Art Community blog. This time around it was John Gascon of Occhio Cafe and Ouch My Eye gallery. JOHN_OCCHIO_2090_layers_web1

Image above is the one that ran, but I had the time to do a couple versions on account of John's relaxed nature and willingness to help a fellow artist experiment. That said, I was quite fond of the two images below.



Either way, do yourself a favor and head on over to the full post to read more about John and his longtime efforts helping artists and the SODO community.

In other exciting news, I now have prototype/1st round versions of my new portfolios that will be hitting photo editor/creative desks very soon.


How can I show you and not allow a peek inside?


The scan above is from inside the editorial book. Then here's a grab from the portrait book.


These first round looks comes courtesy of none other than photo consultant extraordinaire Amanda Sosa-Stone. She did an amazing job pairing and juxtaposing themes/subjects/events that had been unobserved to my own eyes.

**A word of advice: get someone to lay your book out for you. If anything, it's just another set of eyes on the ground suggesting what stays and what goes. I'm not speaking to every photographer, but I know I can oftentimes be a little too close to the work I love creating. It was certainly helpful to get someone else's take.

More always,