Bevvy of Updates

It's been a busy summer over here at the Office of Michael Clinard. In the spirit of autumnal change, I figured it was high time to share some exciting personal news with everyone. I got married in August to my beautiful wife, Jenna! jenna_mike_wedding_photo_web

Above is an image of us after exchanging nuptials on August 22nd at Kubota Gardens here in Seattle. She's stuck with me for six years after our first meeting in the photo lab at the University of Iowa while she pursued graduate studies in printmaking, I in photography/intermedia. Can't imagine life without her by my side, for she's a continual grounding force that inspires strength and stability each and every day.

In other news, and completely under the radar, I updated the website to coincide with an upcoming trip to NYC I'll be making for portfolio meetings. If you catch a sec hit to see the website refresh.


Above is the virtual Rosetta Stone of the image names that made the cut and those that have now found their way into the archives. Many thanks to all who've been beta-testing it and lending thoughts, suggestions and ideas. Much appreciated.

Outside that, I recently made a trek through Eastern Washington to visit a sight I've longed to see since childhood: The Grand Coulee Dam. Hope you enjoy taking a gander at some of the images below.


Scorched Earth somewhere in Eastern WA.


Grand Coulee Dam itself. Walked out on to the edge of a cliff to nab this one. The visitors were awestruck by my dedication to capture an unfettered view of the dam.


Official historical marker that looks like it's been taken a time or two.


Weird murals galore.


Weird mural galore, part 2.


Old sign telling of the nightly Laser Light show. Would've loved to stuck around but had to get home to the Mrs.


Says it all. This thing ain't teeny weeny.


New friends I made on the tour of one of the power plants.


Drink the Kool-aid, just not the water.


For some reason, this reminds me of Woody Guthrie.

More soon,