Photographed President Obama

Was making my way home yesterday morning after wrapping up a quick editorial job and was confronted with traffic barricade after traffic barricade in our little neighborhood of Wedgwood. Jokingly, I asked a stander-by if the President was in one of those houses to which she calmly replied, 'yes.' In a move straight of Nascar, I angled the car into the first available spot and joined the droves of anxious-ites willing to brave to the cold just to get a peek of the man himself and the baby elephant he was attempting to corral for a homeowner.

Below are a couple photos. It's my hope that one day I'll be closer than 30 yards away when capturing this stuff. . .


With a baby elephant on the loose, many folks showed up to catch a glimpse. They'd heard President Barack Obama was around, too.


People photographing the 'Baby Elephant Containment Unit of Greater Seattle' on NE 75th St and 40th Ave NE in Seattle.


The press junket was there looking 'just so' showing off this year's must have item: laptop in transport to wherever you're walking.


Mayor McGinn was in attendance and pulled out a Larabar he had in his biking shorts.


Gov. Christine Gregoire tried her best but was rushed away when her husband lobbied her for the Denny's 'all-you-can-eat' breakfast buffet that ended at 11am.


President Barack Obama decided he'd come out and handle it. In fact was told later by a friend, that his exact words were "hold up, I got this."


With the baby elephant back in it's baby elephant sleeping quarters at the Foss residence, Obama decided he'd caravan over to UW's HecEd and give a speech just for the 'Hec' of it.


People losing their minds over the President's ability to handle baby elephant corralling.


Everyone disheartened by their inability to capture any photos of the baby elephant. Thankfully, they got a couple of the President 'gettin' it done.'