A cookie a day makes Bill Rugen stay (at the table)

If you don't believe me, then head over to his Consumed blog and wade through the immense tag cloud to locate 'Cookie.'

Been awhile back but it might have been about 14 months ago when Bill started talking about the project over one of our many Burgermaster Power Lunch meetings. I said 'go for it,' and the rest is history.

So to honor his momentous feat documenting every single thing he ate for an entire year, we got together a couple days into the new year to celebrate the end of the project in pictures.

It's been fun to see the Consumed project evolve and witness all the attention and whatnot he's been getting over the last couple months. Must confess that I won't miss waiting until Bill's composed his shot from across the dinner table.

We can now dig into our scrumptious plates of Burgermaster goodness together and in synchronicity. Amen!

Not soon to forget the people that helped along the way, Bill gave credence to his wife's fantastic cookie-making ability in this CBC interview. And yes, I too can attest, she's a veritable baking savant when it comes to some of her cookie pairings. . .

Congrats again, friend. I say this is O.K.

Photo above by Bill Rugen