Hors d'œuvre to the Entree

Hard at work on a smattering of new projects, so I'll be sharing them soon. Seattle Photographer Michael Clinard and Hair and Make-up Artist Lindsey Watkins

The above production still was taken while covering a couple tech entrepreneurs in the South Lake Union area of Seattle. Wish I could share the results, but you'll have to tune in a few weeks from now. . . (no need to sniffle about it [hint, hint]).

In the meantime, guess I forgot to share some exciting news in that my image of the Harrisons is now traveling around in the 2010 Smashbox Face/Off competition.

Stan and Sherry Harrison traveling around LA and Boston

Couldn't make it down in time to see it installed, but this guy was clearly mugging as a means to draw atttention to my work.

Guy at Smashbox Yello show with my image to far left of frame

Much appreciation for that, bro.

More soon,