Yoga Feature and the Vision that is Benjamen Purvis

Several weeks back, I mentioned the imagery shot for Seattle Met Magazine and their January 2011 issue. I'm now super pleased to give a bit of backstory on the production and the lead played by their AD, Benjamen Purvis.

Quick prologue: after my return from NYC in November 2010, the first thing I did was to reach out to Benjamen and Seattle Met Magazine.

It's my opinion that he's single-handedly up'ed the editorial design cred' here in the Pacific NW since his move here some two years ago from Las Vegas.

**Do yourself a favor and check his ideas behind shooting screen grabs of his computer along with an epic push to get the December 2010 issue of the mag out -- an issue currently up for a regional award in magazine design excellence (click the images below for links to the posts).

The story on how I came to work with Benjamen is pretty much like this: I reach out with interest in sitting down for a portfolio review. Sometime thereafter, we're chatting over the book; he loves my branding and finds it a nice complement to my quirky, conceptual style. As we're wrapping up, I express my thanks for him taking time out of his busy schedule to see me as we shake hands and finish things up.

Not two hours later I get a call and it's Ben. He says 'hey man, I loved the book: probably the best I've seen in a long time and I want to put you on something right away. . . a feature. . .'

Amidst my speechlessness, he and I proceed to spitball the approach of showing the subjects in profile and how those around them are kind of oblivious to the 'full-on' yoga poses as the story is about people incorporating the practice into their everyday lives. If you haven't seen the story, check out a couple tears below along with the ever-flexible Dawn Jansen of 8 Limbs Yoga. . .

Present Day: I've since done a couple more interesting projects with Benjamen and Seattle Met, but I should take this opportunity to congratulate him on all his hard work here in the Pacific Northwest. WHY?

Because he's making the move to NYC where he'll be taking the reigns as the Creative Director of Men's Journal! In fact, he's literally driving cross-country as I write this. I mean, it's no surprise: he's a hustler and an example of how hard work and passion for one's craft pays off.

Good luck, Benjamen! Super appreciate you giving me my first shot.

Below is a 30 second snippet of Dawn doing her thing along with a couple funny outtakes during my scout depicting just how incredibly difficult it can be for the average person to arch one's back 90 degrees.

More always,